Where did the time go?

Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of this year.  I’m happy to see it pass into history.  Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about the Holiday Season this year.  I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a letter to Santa myself – but then I feel silly and I shake my head – no…no letters to Santa or any other imaginary fairy tale creatures – not any more. But I keep encouraging CJ to write a letter to Santa.

Yesterday I borrowed a Giftmas tree from friends  who weren’t going to use it this year and they also let me borrow the lighted Christmas Village – And I spent yesterday staring at my living room trying to figure how I will rearrange the furniture and start setting everything up.  Do I set it up here or there?  And what a challenge to have, before I knew the tree was 6 foot tall, I had the perfect spot on top of the camphor chest to put it.  Every year it seems I have the problem of a too-large tree – like I said, what a problem, eh?


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