Old Ghosts

This year seems to be the year of letting go and grieving.  All my old ghosts seem to be wandering back, looking for a fresh heart to shred.  I don’t believe in “lessons” anymore – because it’s not fair to expect a child to learn without guidance or instruction.   That thinking leads to serious self-esteem issues.  I’ve kept a lot of places in my heart open for people because I believed if I was good enough – if I gave enough – if I was just patient enough – they would get around to me.  Although, every time, they’ve sworn it wasn’t me, it was.  I fall to the bottom of the list – the scratcher reached for when everything else on the list has been checked off and there’s nothing to do.

I keep trying to be open to what comes – I keep trying to hold onto hope – and every time, the universe slaps me.  And people wonder why I just want to stay home?


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Pearl Manhattan

Life interrupted - this space is changing - stay tuned

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