…is blowing in the wind….

I have always searched for and found spiritual guidance in the life of the earth – the clouds, the tides, the wind, the animals. – I posted a while ago about watching the clouds.

This morning, I made the Sunday doughnut run – day olds are 2 small boxes for $3 – and first thing in the morning, they’re not really a day old yet.  I’ve been chewing and stressing on things – all of them beyond my control – and have been frantically soul searching trying to find a grasp point or a toe hold in any of the situations –

“Honk! Honk!”

“HoooonnnnnnnnK”   Eyyyooonnnnkee Heeeeooonnnnk!!!

A perfect balanced V of geese flew overhead, on their way from the farmlands and the Puyallup River east of me to the lakes and Chambers Bay to the west.

And I heard my mother’s voice say “like a flock of geese”

In our house, that saying was half of a saying I heard way too many times.  “That went over her head like a flock of geese!”  My mother would say to others, implying whatever concept or statement was presented was above my comprehension – so it flew over my head.

I’m missing the point, but it’s quite understandable.  When you’re down in a deep dark hole – like stuck in the bottom of the wishing well and the bucket rope broke from dry rot and the walls are covered in green, slick algae, and you’re voice is gone from yelling, and it’s been years – it’s kind of hard to remember what the rolling hills looked like.

It’s not an answer yet, it’s just an arrow, a direction.  The answer is over my head – for now.

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