I got nothing for you today but a lot of whining.  It’s been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks for me with little relief in sight.   More mean people doing purposely hurtful things and I have no recourse.  How do you put the pieces back together again when you find out you’ve trusted the wrong people all your life? I do not understand why it keeps coming at me from all angles.  One by one, anything that made me happy is being stripped away from me, and I cannot understand why.  Why did all of you get the loving, kind god and I was cursed at birth?

And what good did it do to stand up to the people who have mistreated me so?  Nothing.

So another weekend where I’ll attend social events so I can validate others and listen to how wonderful their lives are with their partners and their families and their christmas gifts.  If you think I have the slightest shred of interest in any of your lives, you’re sorely mistaken.

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Pearl Manhattan

Life interrupted - this space is changing - stay tuned

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