Amtrak 501

My brother messaged me on facebook.  “A train derailed, are you all okay?”

I had been watching the news reports of the new line and addition of 4 new high speed trains starting today.  The media was all over the test rides and it seemed people were excited.  I opened the browser and found my local news website.  From the one blurry cellphone picture on the site, the accident looked horrible. It wasn’t until later when the news chopper could arrive that the whole crash scene was visible to the public.  there were train cars everywhere.  I’ve spent most of the day trying to put the train back together in my head from the photographs I can find.  It’s helped me focus less on my own troubles.  I didn’t know anyone who was on the train or in the cars under the overpass.

I feel for the people affected by the crash.  The shock was apparent on the faces of the few reporters were able to coax on camera.  I appreciated the way the information was handled and the how the newscasters were very careful to report only facts.  I’m thankful that the emergency responders were so organized.  It was also lucky there was some sort of response training going on in the area, so staff was ready at hand by luck.

I’m turning off the news now, and going back to my social media lurking.

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