….suddenly you can

I used a 25 dollar gift card someone gave me to buy groceries today.  Then I took CJ to the tire place to get the tire fixed.  The nice man who aired up my tires at Fred Meyer found a nail, and the tires warranty is at Discount Tire across town.  CJ behaved like a normal 11 year old boy – BETTER than most 11 year olds I know.  We walked to the Dollar Tree and I let him do some shopping.  We bought hats and gloves (we didn’t realize how cold it was outside) and some snacks.  He picked out a Spiderman bag to carry his stuff in.  We waited at Discount Tire for about an hour and a half – and during that time, he whined a little bit, so I took him for a walk outside where he got too cold and tried to bolt for the car – which was still in the parking lot waiting to be pulled into a bay.  I convinced him to go back inside, and shortly they pulled the car around.  We watched through the window as they had three people working on the car!  They found a piece of metal in another tire, but it wasn’t leaking so we’re okay.  Rotated, changed, done – CJ was relieved when they said the car would be out front in a minute.  I praised him all the way home.  I cannot believe how well that went.  He had to remain calm for an indefinite amount of time in a strange place with no reward offered for good behavior.  Um….. SCORE!

But even better, because I bought the warranty, the new tire was only 25 bucks.  The Gift Card basically bought the tire.  And now, I do not have to worry about my tires for a while.  Check that off the list.

Once I just got a hand-hold in the storm, I knew I could chop my way out.  🙂


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