no time for deadweight

This has been the year of letting go.

Early in January, a friend of my late husband contacted me.  He took me to lunch and gave me a birthday card.  It was a great time – and a few email exchanges later, I got a message that said  he didn’t want to interact with me anymore – that it brought up too much history for him.  I guess my face brought back all the memories of pain with his X wife.

Since then, just about every bit of unfinished business has showed up – like it was my responsibility to make it right for THEM – in that they expected I would still have a door open in my heart for them.

Tonight, I removed a preditor from jr high from my life.  In the past year, I’ve removed so many people from my life.  Anyone who took without giving – anyone who had expectations of me – anyone who didn’t serve me in some way.

The problem is, no one is showing up to fill those places.

And I’ve burned every bridge from my past.

Honestly, I haven’t met many people at all I even want to be around.  Everyone has so many expectations and they do not like it when people’s lives are different from theirs.

I am a good person – a good woman – a damn fine partner – a minx in bed and the star of the sunday church choir.

Last time I’m saying this…..the charity is closed. I really could not care to hear from anyone else from my past. Not one of them has ever been kind to me.  They only defiled me and abandoned me.

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Pearl Manhattan

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