Last Friday of the year

It’s after 5 PM on Friday – on a holiday weekend, the last weekend of the year.  It’s time to kick off the shoes and relax.  Big kid is going to hang out with friends, Boyfriend is hosting his gaming group, Boy is happy in his room – I have a night to myself.


How did this happen?  A night to myself!  For once, I am not worried about who might need my attention or aid.  This is why I had to simplify my life.  It wasn’t to shut anyone out for any petty reason.  It was because I had to remember who was the most important person in the world – in MY world…and that was me.  I carried so many others in my head and heart – and WOW it was noisy – so noisy I couldn’t hear myself.  I had to hit the BIG RED FULL STOP button on people.  There was no other option.  So I put down all the extra baggage I was toting, and now I don’t know what to do with my hands.

I sit on my couch and have a conversation with myself.

“So…what do I want to do?”

“Well, there’s those potatoes and onions that need chopping and freezing…..” I went on rattling off all the chores that still needed to be done today.

“No…what do I WANT to do – not what isn’t done in the house right now.  I need to give myself a break.  Look at what I have done today”

I smiled then, because what I did today was release my last song for 2017 – and my first song in a couple months.  After I posted it on my YouTube, SoundCloud and other places, I listened to a few other instrumentals I’ve written.  I filled my own cup.

So I give you Requiem for 2017.  I hope you enjoy it.  Blessings and Peace to you and yours through out the New Year.   I’m taking the next few days off.  Look for news and a fresh start on Tuesday.  Be safe.  Take care of you.  Requiem for MMXVII



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