oh you’re kale-ing me…

I love food.  I love preparing food.  I prepare food like I compose music – there are no rules.  I like to leave my recipes open so you can use the ingredients you like.  I will post it how I prepared it but I hope you’ll feel comfortable using substitutions that may work better with your diet. I use basic, easily available ingredients.  Spices are usually dried, garlic and onions are dried minced.

Today we’re working with Lacinto or Tuscan Kale (flat leaf).

WAIT – Don’t click away – trust me.  You’re going to like this.  Prepared this way, kale has a lovely texture and a light crunch.  It took about 10 to 15 minutes start to finish.  Heat the iron skillet on med-high with a couple TBSP of your choice of oil (sunflower, olive, coconut, etc).  I used a little margarine, a little butter and a splash of canola oil.  Wash the kale thoroughly, and chop the green leaves into about 1/2 inch squares.   When the skillet is hot, add a few shakes of your favorite pre-packaged spice blend (I used a popular Worcestershire Pub Burger mix )and the chopped kale.  Gently move the kale around in the oil until it’s hot and softened.  If your pan starts to steam or smoke, your heat is too high. Add a few shakes of balsamic vinegar and a small handful of crumpled bacon and continue to stir until it is all mixed well and tender. Carefully spoon the kale into a bowl, leaving as much oil and spices in the pan as possible.  Place one slice of bread of your choice in the skillet and brown well on both sides, soaking up all the left over spices and oil in the pan.  Slice bread into small croutons and put it back in the skilled.  Dump the cooked kale back into the skillet and toss until the croutons are distributed thoroughly.  Serve hot.

I served this over a baked potato and found I didn’t need any other toppings.  Kale has all the wonderful flavors of spinach with an added texture that makes my mouth so happy!

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