There is no spoon.

The past few days, we’ve been without a shower because the “new bathtub faucet” turned out to be a faulty bathtub faucet, as we found out Saturday afternoon.  The blessing was that we couldn’t get the water to turn ON in the tub – so no cutting it off at the main or going without water.  We just couldn’t shower.  I made the phone calls I was supposed to, which led to other phone calls and the faucet was fixed properly this time.  The supervisor explained everything to me and restored my faith in the world, really.

So I lay here in bed doing my 3:30 AM think – and I realize – There is nothing in the world that requires my worry or my energy.  There is no emergency – no crisis.  I’m in the flow.  I feel myself gliding through the day – meeting each challenge as it comes.  There is nothing that can blindside me – things will still surprise me, of course – When I remain open, I cannot see in to the future to prepare or the past to project – I can only see right here.  I’ve set a few goals, short and long term, but I’m not stressing the future – part of surrendering is remembering that everything is unfolding as it should – and as long as I’m not complacent and as long as I make the effort, I am allowed to be happy and healthy and I am allowed to relax.

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