Compass Points

I’ve evaluated my intent for a lot of things I’ve been railing away at – and I have other things I need to be doing. Suffice to say I’ve withstood some pretty crappy treatment – kept it secret and remained positive and supportive to those who treated me poorly in hopes that I could get good enough to earn their respect. I realize now I’m enough right where I am – sadly – it means I have to not participate in a lot of things I wish I could – but if the general populace agrees that bad behavior is okay when it’s your friends, it’s a bad environment for me.

Sadly, I can’t seem to find any good environments anymore.  The attitude of the day is “I got mine – you’re just not trying hard enough”.  And you’d be correct if you said that – I’m not trying to fit into bad environments anymore.  It cuts down on my social opportunities, but I’m getting okay with that.  I’d rather be isolated and living my truth than miserable trying to fit where I can’t.

I have an album I’m releasing on February 1st.  I hope you’ll listen to it.

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