He asked to wear jeans…

He has never liked pants with a zipper or buttons.  He moved too fast to be burdened down with mundane things like getting dressed or waiting.  Yesterday, he pulled out a pair of Levi’s corduroy pants from the drawer and started putting them on.  He asked for a little help, and was quite happy with the outfit he’d put together.  This morning I pulled out some jeans I’ve had in the closet that were too big (we were gifted a few large bags of clothes from another mom at the CTU last year – size 12 didn’t fit last year)  and pulled out the size 12’s.  He happily grabbed a pair and put them on, patiently, letting me help him.  In fact, the whole morning was very easy.

It started at 5:45 when he came out of his room asking for his iPad – which he took back to his room and played quietly for another 45 minutes.  He then went and made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cleaned up his mess, and quietly ate breakfast in the big chair while he watched TV.

Once he had the jeans on, he acted differently – more grown up.  He told me a few times how much he liked them.  Today, I’ll go through his dresser and pull out the old clothes.  I have a few bags of clothes to donate anyway – so it’s more motivation to just do it.

So my boy is wearing jeans now.  It’s a thing.

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