And doubt creeps in…

Today, someone claiming to be my son’s paternal grandmother, who hasn’t shown a stitch of interest in my son since he was born, called my son’s caregiver asking questions about him.  My son’s caregiver has a private number and the caller’s number was blocked.   She used her full legal name with middle initial – which I don’t remember her doing much – she would have used her nickname I’d think – as that’s how everyone knows her – and she used my son’s full entire legal name, which isn’t well known – she always called him by his nickname.  My caregiver asked if the caller was from DDA – and told no – so she hung up.  My caregiver is a professional – and one of the first lessons she learned was if there isn’t a signed confidentiality agreement on file, she won’t talk to you.  It’s frightening to me that all this personal information is available online – even my caregiver’s unlisted, private phone number.  We’re all feeling our privacy has been violated.

We’ve not been in contact with her in many years.  I was told she showed up at the house Chase bank took from me demanding to see me – accusing the new residents of the house of hiding me from her.  She and her other son don’t believe my son is related to them at all – that he’s someone else’s kid from one of the 4 or 5 supposed affairs they thought I was having.   She’s contacted me through Facebook once or twice but only regarding her other grandchild who remembers how cruel and abusive drunk grandma was to her and really doesn’t have much love there.

I’ve had to cut a lot of people out of our lives – and a lot of people have left willingly.  Once you’re out, you’re out.  I don’t make the decision to shut people out lightly – I don’t like doing this alone – but I have to put people around my son who are positive and  supportive.  Drama and selfish motives aren’t welcome here.  I don’t have the time or the energy.   It’s not personal – and I don’t waste thoughts on those who aren’t here.  I have a grown up boy to raise.



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