The post where I talk about the elephant in the country

If I come across as selfish, I apologize in advance.   I have nothing but empathy and understanding for everyone who’s lost a loved one – no matter how – Loss is loss.

The two main delays my son is exhibiting are personal safety and environmental awareness.  That means he doesn’t know what can hurt him and he doesn’t pay attention to danger around him.  I live every minute knowing he could be injured – mildly or severely – because of this.  It’s a horrible feeling, but it comes with the diagnosis.  It’s just something I have to work with as much as possible.  I don’t want to hide him at home – I want him to learn how to be safe so he can experience as much as possible in the world.  He attends an excellent school that goes above and beyond any expectations to help him reach that goal.

He watches the news on tv – no matter how I try to keep it from him.  He sees and hears his peers on the news talking about the tragedies occurring in our schools.  He doesn’t talk to me about what he sees and I have no idea of knowing what he’s thinking.

I got a phone call from the principal about a questionable facebook post and the local police’s action on investigating it – assuring me there was no reason for concern and reinforcing how important it is to tell someone when you see something that doesn’t look right or okay.  With everything I have to worry about for my son, this isn’t something I wanted on my radar.

My son doesn’t know what danger is.  This isn’t the way I wanted him to learn the game “Hide and Seek”.  He can run, thankfully.  So many children in Special Education classrooms cannot run or hide.  Why are so many okay with teaching our children survival skills in school?   Why is this one more thing I have to worry about?  Why is it okay as long as it’s not your state, your town, your kid?

I am in awe and inspired by the youth of Parkland.  I support you all and I hope parents will wake up and start helping.

After all – a parent’s famous line is…

I don’t care who started it – this stops now.

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