So ready to spring forward…

Pictures of the boy in his school basketball jersey have been posted and shown off.  It’s been a great couple of weeks really.  The school continues to go above and beyond in it’s communication and action to help my son live his life to the fullest in a safe, nurturing environment.  I finally feel like I can start taking care of me.  I’ve developed some very healthy coping skills for the environment we’ve been in, and I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it.  Although I always feel tired, the exhaustion is never too much.  I think sometimes we need to let our lamps burn down low – it cleans out the impurities and the noisy bits that cause the sparks and sputters.  Then we can refill it with fresh oil and it shines much better.

The boy and I have remained on the “Daylight Saving Time” sleep schedule through the winter, so springing forward an hour will put us both back on a more “normal” schedule, or maybe just one more in sync with everyone else.  With my newly-found free time, I’ve found I need to make a routine – a daily schedule.  I have time to pursue my goals in audio production, something I’ve been studying and working on in my free moments.   I have some tutorials and online courses to work through, as well as some volunteer opportunities that will build my portfolio and give me more experience.

Timing is everything – and I believe everything happens in it’s own time.  In my mind, I’m hearing Man in Motion from St. Elmo’s Fire.


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