One little candle….

Sunday, my son and I went to a festival at a local community center. Parts of the hallway were quite crowded. As we came up the hallway following the herd, I saw over the shoulders of the three people ahead of me a lady coming towards us pushing a large bulky wheelchair.  A young girl was seated in the chair.  I saw my moment and I took it. I did the “mom-arm-thing” reaching behind me and positioned my son as a “cork” for the people coming behind us – He’s good at being a road-block and everyone was very patient at this event. Then I pushed back and made an entrance for her to pull into beside me.  Relief spread across her face and she looked me in the eye and said “Thank you!” loudly.  I responded “you’re quite welcome!” as I pulled my son out of the way and the people behind him were faced with a confident mom with a wheelchair on the move – the crowd parted without a word and she got through easily.
I knew how to do that because I have been that mom. At the time, I didn’t know why I was that mom – now I do. My superpower is little deeds for those I get – the deeds no one ever needs to know about except me.  
Maybe the world isn’t the good place I thought it was – but that’s not going to stop me from being the good person I am.  One kindness a day that no one knows about.  One small thing.

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