Achievement unlocked: Level up

I finally got that nap and a sandwich.

Friday afternoon, I headed out with a clear conscience.  All my kids were home together for a weekend of sibling fun and I had the weekend off.  I headed up to Bonney Lake for an SCA event.  The local Barony had its annual Arts & Sciences weekend – competitions, classes, and socialization, and camping.

My boyfriend and I enjoy camping.  We started out with a small 1970’s 8′ by 8′ canvas, aluminum pole tent.  This season, he’s bought a 25′ Yurt.  I call it my cupcake castle because that’s what it looks like.  It has a wooden door that is round at the top.  Everyone who sees it, once they look inside, says “Oh MY! It’s bigger on the inside!” and it is! Something about the high peaked roof gives it a feeling of space.  From inside, it looks like a work of modern art.  It’s so relaxing to study the beams and the lattice work while listening to birds wake up when you’re warm and cozy all bundled up in layers of wool and linen.


I’ll be making a sectional canvas floor insert as well as a plastic ground cloth with sidewalls.  If you make low sidewalls with your tarp on the high side of the tent, you don’t get the rainwater running through all night.

Yes – I said rainwater.  I live in the Pacific Northwest – it doesn’t rain ALL the time, but there’s always a good chance any event you attend outside will be in the rain.  With camping, I never mind the rain – I actually prefer it to some of the warmer sunny days we’ve had.  I grew up camping on the Biloxi River in the piney woods in South Mississippi.  It didn’t rain as much as it was sunny, but when it rained it was Coastal squalls – thunder, lighting, tornadoes, and RAIN RAIN RAIN.  So a light drizzle for a week is nothing for me – more like heavy fog.

The weekend was spent being “bums” as my boyfriend calls it – we ate when we were hungry, we slept when we felt like it, we socialized and we didn’t.  I enjoy our local SCA events because I can be as involved or as solitary as I like and no one minds.  At one point, after slowly and carefully devouring half a bag of cookies, I napped in my chair for an hour to my boyfriend’s gentle snoring from his bed.  My chair is a 20 year old “Joe Boxer” folding chair from Walmart.  The back is a winking smiley face.  I’ve slept in that chair quite a bit and always had a good nap in it.

Because it’s what we do, my boyfriend and I woke up at 5 AM Sunday and packed up.  We like to get moving and packed before the sun is really up, that way we get a day at home to unpack and get everything put away and ready for the workweek.  I caught the sunrise over the valley as I came down the highway.  As I got home, the kids were just waking up.  Everything was as I left it and everyone was happy and rested and fed.

I needed that weekend.



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