The thing in the news that happened.

I feel I must share my feelings about the recent event locally involving an autistic child and his grandfather’s attempt to handle the situation. My credibility comes from my experience raising a child on the spectrum as well as my background in adolescent behavior management and counselling.

I am the first person to stand up and defend ANYONE from judgement – in this case, I believe that situation was not the whole picture, but a snapshot – and I feel the grandfather had the best intentions for his grandson, to safely transport him home – and I’m almost positive that probably happened to grandpa when he was little…we become what we’re taught – and grandpa didn’t grow up with autistic kids around – grandpa grew up in the generation where kids were intimidated into good behavior. So – grandpa didn’t have any other options or answers. I hope this event going public like it has will provide an educational opportunity. While I strongly disagree with physical restraint, I’ve walked in my own shoes long enough to know I only know my shoes. Hopefully, the media will pick up on the educational opportunity instead of the sensationalist click-bait controversy, and we can open the conversation about our children’s need for protection and safety instead of punishing untrained and unskilled caregivers just trying to get through the day.

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