Thankful Thursday

In this premier edition of Thankful Thursday, which I hope to make a regular weekly thing here on the blog, I am thankful for the staff at my son’s school.  I know the personal direct involved interaction my son experiences with the staff is not unique to him or just because he has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  They treat him just like they treat every other student, and they treat every other student just like they treat him.

In this school year, everyone on my son’s treatment team has noticed the change and I can only say the school environment was the catalyst.  He’s initiating casual conversations, he’s asking for help, he’s asking to go places and interact with other people.  Instead of hiding away with his iPad, he chooses to spend the evenings with me in the living room where we watch tv together or play games.  He’s becoming more aware of his environment and how he can affect it.  He’s learning that his moods affect others.  He’s learning to trust others to do what they say.  He’s learning to interact.

I’m blessed to have such a great learning environment for my son just a couple blocks away from my house.  Tacoma Public Schools is doing it right.  TPS has been almost the sole constant in our personal Autism Journey.  I honestly don’t know where we would be without them.  Thank you, Tacoma Public Schools.

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