yeah, taking back my good words…

Sorry, TPS, you don’t deserve the nice things I said about you.

One of your employees physically restrained my son and cut his hair.

Why so upset about a haircut, you ask?

First, my son is non-verbal and has low-functioning autism.  He can’t say no.  Anything you do to him without my permission is considered non-concensual and assault.

In order to cut his hair, you need two people because he doesn’t like haircuts – because of his sensory issues.  He needs help keeping his body calm during a haircut.

In order to cut his bangs, the staff member would have had to restrain my son somehow – say with a long belt or something – strapped down his arms, stood over his knees and held his chin while they quickly and raggedly cut his bangs.  Let me say that again – in order to cut my sons bangs, someone, between the time he got ON the school bus and the time he got OFF the school bus, strapped my son down to a chair and cut his hair.  Cutting his hair requires very close personal contact – so they probably pressed their body against him too.  And I”m just supposed to be okay with this???????



He came home from school with his bangs cut, I noticed immediately – and even remarked out loud at the bus “Oh, someone cut his hair”….

At Mary Lyon Elementary, the staff would cut his hair, his nails, and other personal care without my permission – they also had a “bunker room” that locked from the outside.  They remarked how much CJ loved to stay in there all day with an iPad and a blanket.


Now, the staff at the school is quite sure NO ONE on their staff would do anything like that.

Well, I didn’t cut his hair, and when he’s not on the bus or at school, I AM WITH HIM.  Within 20 feet of him at all times.


So, TPS – find out who assaulted my son, have them arrested, I will press every charge I can find, and send them to prison for assaulting my son.


I would NEVER give my son a shitty haircut like this.


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