Thankful Thursday

I think this may be the most needed thankful Thursday ever.

This week, I have had 3 opportunities to speak my truth instead of figuring others were more qualified than I was to have an opinion.

I know better now.

When I start feeling a panic attack coming on, I search myself for what I”m not saying.  I’ve been shoving it all down to my gut all my life.  Although I”m exhausted, hungry, and not sure of the next minute, I know who my friends are.

I am thankful I am unafraid.

I am thankful for the investigators diligently working to find the truth.

I am thankful I have my beautiful son home with me for a while.  We studied geography, history, music and science today.

I am thankful for the guy who painted my house this week.  I summarized what I learned from him in 3 points.  Move slowly but deliberately, when the thermos is empty it’s quittin’ time, and this will pass.

I am thankful that this will pass.



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Pearl Manhattan

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