don’t do bad things.

The reason I appear introverted and I mostly keep to myself is that I am an empath and a human lie detector.  Whether I’ve known you a minute or all your life (There’s not one person alive that I’ve known my entire life), if you lie, I know.  I learned to hide it, in the abusive situations I lived in, because I was surrounded by liars who didn’t take too kindly to being called out – and I valued my body and my health enough to just nod and smile.

The key to living a simple, happy life is don’t do bad things.  When you do bad things, you have to keep them secret.   Then you have to invent an imaginary friend to absolve you so you feel a little better about yourself, but always a little on edge.  If your health is poor, your hands a little shaky, you don’t sleep well, or you sleep too much, you drink too much, you eat too much …. well – those are repressed secrets.

Liars expect lies – that’s why they feel no remorse or shame.  Trip them up, tell the truth.

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