Monday, June 4th at the Tacoma Dome Convention Center, my kid graduated from School of the Arts.  I wasn’t able to attend – however I had the best seat in the house.  Tacoma Public Schools live-streamed the graduation on Facebook and the camera work was excellent.  They also posted literally TONS of photos so I didn’t miss a thing.

skye bill rossman award.jpg

This is my child, Skye Gibbs, receiving the Bill Rossman Award for 4 years of unquestioning dedication to her craft – Lighting design and Stage craft from School of the Arts – Tacoma.

She received the award for her service to Tacoma School of the Arts above and beyond regular school requirements, for her voluntary 10 hour days in the theater, her award winning performances at State Solo and Ensemble Competition, and her work with Tacoma Opera – which started as a Senior Project and ended with paid positions as Assistant Stage Manager and cast member.  It was noted that she spent the entire weekend after final exams designing and operating the lighting for a community dance review.   I pushed her to participate as much as possible, even though it meant she didn’t have time to help me out at home.  It was a mother’s sacrifice – and it paid off.  Along with the award was a hefty scholarship that will reduce the amount of student loans she will need at Pacific Lutheran University.

I dare anyone to keep the schedule she kept for 4 years, let alone excel and shine brighter for it.

She did it all by herself – and I gave up my life to support her.  I guess my mom was right – I really am the Mother of Greatness.


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